Behind the Smile

I am sure that on your daily venture out in the world, you often are asked how are you doing? From a stranger in the grocery store, perhaps a cashier, or maybe even a friend or coworker. We all feel as though we can’t say “My life is in shambles”, or “I am feeling really sad today.” We often answer “good”, or “I am doing fine”, or “okay” all while donning our smiles. We often do this because we do not want to overwhelm our friend, co-worker or hold up the line in the grocery store. Our problems are our problems. We are so used to concealing our emotions behind a smile.

Support systems are extremely important to leading a happy and fulfilled life. Friendships not only enrich our lives, but also help us to reframe our perspective. To develop close friendships, we must be open and willing to be vulnerable and to break free from our deceptive smiles. Let our protective walls down and be honest about our emotions, feelings of sadness or loss, difficulty in work or relationships. Friendship has many rewards and benefits as it affords us with someone to share in our joys. It also provides someone to lean on in times of difficulty and great loss. Yes, life is not easy for most of us, but friends make it bearable. It is nice to have a friend to call on when we need a hand. Friends help us to continue going, no matter the life circumstances or situations. Friendships are a give and take. A friend is someone we should be comfortable being genuine and authentic with, abandon the smile we hide behind and share our life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.

We should make every day count and leave a positive mark on the lives of others. Since our time is limited and valuable, time is the most valuable resource we have to offer others. It is a  way to get out of ourselves, out of the sadness or the dark period we are experiencing and be of service to others, which takes the spotlight off of our troubles and puts it onto the needs of others.

If you are feeling helpless, hopeless or isolated and alone, please know that you are not alone and you do not have to hide behind your beautiful smile any longer. A scientifically reviewed article by Viktor Sanders published on May 24th 2020, found that 24.9 % of Americans struggle with depression. Young adults (18-29) making up 36.7% of the 24.9%. There were 11 million Americans who struggled with depression in the past year (

So ask yourself…..What emotions or hurts are you hiding behind the smile? Something good can be found in each day, perhaps it is you reading this blog. We want to help you and provide the emotional support to aid you in your journey of restoration and to make every day count so you can feel complete and enjoy all that life has to offer.

So if you are struggling with feelings of sadness or anxiety, please reach out to Mbrace Counseling and Behavioral Services. You don’t have to mask your emotions or hide behind the smile any longer.  We provide you with the tools and lay out the road map so you are empowered to get better and heal. If you are searching for hope start with us. Each Clinician possesses the pure motivation to help you on your life’s journey. We believe everybody deserves to be happy, you deserve to be happy, and our knowledge, experience and support can help you achieve that.

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